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Ranelagh: Large Pipe Relining Project

We've had a relationship with Ranelagh for over 15 years now. At first, they asked us to reline their nine-inch boundary trap. Since that time, we have relined most of their subsoil exterior drainage. Over time, the building realised that they were actually starting to develop issues with the cast iron stack drainage. Cast iron is now defunct material, and it actually rust from the inside out. Some of the symptoms that the residents were experiencing in relation to the dilapidated cast iron network were smells, leaks, blockages, and in the most extreme case, flooding. It would have been best if we could actually move the residents out of the building. Because that was logistically impossible, we had to break down the project into individual length reline shots. We brought on our friends from Time to Reline, which enabled us to have two inversion teams and two junction ...


Sydney Relining Careers

Sydney Relining are the original, OG relining guys. We are the city’s first and best relining provider and have been rehabilitating the pipes of Sydney’s homes and commercial properties for over 20 years. They are specialists, not generalists – relining is what they do. This means our team members have access to the best tech, tools, and training the CIPP industry has to offer.

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Pipe relining and repairing multiple faults in on comprehensive project


The cost-effective solution avoided disruption, removing long-standing faults and preventing future issues.

Maintaining Sydney's aging strata buildings with pipe relining

Strata Building

The Sydney Relining team utilized leading-edge tech and innovative relining methods to efficiently reline 120m of vertical sewer stacks at this landmark high-rise in the city’s east.

Providing specialist pipe relining for AW Edwards Plumbing

Work with Plumbers

For over 15 years, Sydney Relining has worked with AW Edwards plumbing, providing specialist pipe relining services to enhance their offering and add value for their customers.

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