Pipe Relining with one of Sydney’s top plumbers.

For over 15 years, Sydney Relining has worked with AW Edwards plumbing, providing specialist pipe relining services to enhance their offering and add value for their customers.

Pipe Relining Partnership Summary

AWE Plumbing provides contract and maintenance plumbing services across the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan area. Their team provide exceptional service. Since 2006 Sydney Relining and AWE have partnered on projects from small to large.

  • 15-year relationship

  • Over 75 projects

  • Ensuring top-rated service, upholding a shared commitment to service and quality

Sydney Relining on Pipe Relining Project

Sydney’s OG pipe reliners

Pipe relining is a specialist trade. Whilst many plumbers today have some capabilities and can complete small projects independently, larger scale and complex pipe relining projects require a specialist crew and equipment to ensure the work is completed to a high standard.

We are Sydney’s OG relining specialists, having committed to the trade and technology over 20 years ago. Everything we do, or have ever done, centres around pipe relining. From the equipment we invest in to the training we provide to our staff – the lot.

Subsequently, we have acquired an unrivalled level of expertise that allows us to complete projects quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standards.

AW Plumbing, Sydney Relining Partner

Staying in your drain to increase sales

AW Edwards appreciates and embraces this. Their knowledge and experience are broad, but they understand that some projects (particularly pipe relining projects) require a more focused skill set. 

Rather than view Sydney Relining as a competitor, or seek to white label our service, AW Edwards has embraced the specialist nature of what we do, viewing Sydney Relining as an extension of their business and service.

As a result, they have been able to effectively stay in their drain, maintaining focus on the general plumbing and maintenance services they provide, continually improving their service, and increasing sales year on year, much to the delight of Manager Ron Smith. 

AW Plumbing, Sydney Relining Partner
Pipe Relining Statistics from AW Edwards Plumbing

Complimentary trades

Sydney Relining’s relationship with AW Edwards plumbing is an excellent example of how complementary skill sets can enhance service levels and increase revenue for both parties.

Sydney Relining Testimonial from AW Edwards Plumbing
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