Pipe Relining Blocked Drains

There are no two ways about it – blocked drains are a pain. Whether they are gently gurgling, aggressively overflowing or causing a stink, they need to be addressed immediately.

These unsavory symptoms are more often than not, a sign of more substantial issues that are affecting your plumbing system. Left unattended or simply “unblocked” – the issues are likely to return stronger and stinkier than ever, increasing the risk of further damage to your property and the cost of the inevitable repair.

Tree roots love to infiltrate faulty pipes and cause blockages 

The root of the problem is often, ironically, tree roots. Cracked or damaged pipes and junctions allow tree roots to infiltrate drain pipe or sewer systems and once inside, they thrive. Growing exponentially in the chemically favourable climate, they quickly run out of room, causing blockages and further breaks. Whilst the roots can be cleared using high-pressure jetting – they will inevitably return via the same openings through which they entered. 

Pipe relining vehicle, relining in progress
Sydney Relining Team Member in action

Pipe relining seals the deal

Clearing the blockage and relining the old faulty pipe from the inside out seals the line and eradicates the cracks and openings tree roots love to exploit. The epoxy resin liner creates an exceptionally strong, root tight casing that will be impenetrable and prevent blockages for the next 50 years at least. 

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