Sewer Relining – The science that resides in your plumbing.

Every put much thought into the science that resides in your plumbing?

No? We thought not. We already know that pressure, time, and ground movement affect the state of drainage. However, the chemistry and biology of sewer systems can affect you and your property in a big way too.

Understanding a little more about what causes problems is more often than not key to developing the best solution. Your plumbing, including your pipes, drains, and sewers are no different. Plus, a little science never hurt anyone.

Lesson 01 – Chemistry

Sewer drains, due to the nature of their contents, have high pH levels. Over time, the chemical imbalance causes corrosion of the pipes to occur, causing small cracks and holes to form in the pipes or joints.

A cracked sewer line is a problem in itself and may cause minor issues, but when biology takes hold of your drains, you’ve got a real problem on your hands

Lesson 02 – Biology

Along with high pH, sewer drains are also naturally rich in bacteria. Aerobic bacteria feed on these biologically rich nutrients in the sewer pipes. This is not a problem until the oxygen runs out. At this point, the bacteria become anaerobic and as a consequence, produce both hydrogen sulphide gas and sulphuric acid.

Unfortunately, both substances are great at destroying both unprotected concrete and cast-iron materials, causing further ruptures.

As we know (or if you don’t, check this article which explains it), the smallest of openings is like a homing beacon for tree roots. These roots, in turn, force their way inside blocking or more commonly breaking the pipe, causing a multitude of issues for the property owner or manager.

Lesson 03 – Sewer Relining

By conducting a free CCTV investigation, we can not only check the health of your plumbing but what the material it is made from, allowing you to assess the sewer line and prevent a disaster by taking the necessary precautions and relining areas before the worst happens.

Sewer relining, due to the location and depth of the sewer lines, is often the most effective and economical way to resolve and prevent issues from occurring. Over time, chemistry will kill most traditional sewer pipe materials, with some being more susceptible than others. However, the Watermark-approved epoxy-resin used to reline the older pipes is much less susceptible to the potent chemistry of sewer systems. Therefore, when you reline not only are you renewing the pipe, but you’re doing so with much more durable materials.

Sewer relining versus dig and replace not only means you don’t need to destroy your driveway, lawn, or swimming pool but also gives you a 25-year peace-of-mind installation warranty with a 50-year life expectancy product guarantee.

We don’t spend much time in the laboratory, but understanding the science of the trade allows us to work smarter, ensuring you get the best relining solution for your property.

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