Leaking Pipes

Not only will the wastewater inevitably cause damage to your property and disruption to your life, but it can also pool above and below ground – leaving you and your plumbing open to an array or furthermore complex, dangerous and expensive issues. 

Leaking pipes are problematic.

Ground movement – the pooling of wastewater can cause subsidence and ground movement to occur below the surface and even the smallest of movements can cause considerable damage to established plumbing systems. 

Material contamination – when exposed to porous surfaces and materials, such as brick and concrete, wastewater can contaminate them leading to an unsavory smell and a nasty health hazard.

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Managing misaligned and broken pipes

Leaks are invariably the result of misaligned and/or broken pipes. When defects occur, they will not simply subside – they will only get worse. Left unattended, they will cause further, larger leaks and more painful problems. Importantly,  due to the negative side effects of pooling wastewater, the sooner your pesky pipes are repaired the better. 

To repair the misaligned or broken pipes, you can 1) dig & replace – expensive and painful, or 2) reline – cheap and effective. 

Not only does pipe relining cost less (often more than 50%), it causes less stress and disruption. By renewing your pipes from the inside out with epoxy resin, it creates a watertight seal within the faulty pipe, ensuring your property is leak-free for life. 

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