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Sydney Relining has been relining Sydney’s pipes and drains for over 20 years. As one of the first relining providers in Australia, we know all there is to know and have relined all there is to reline, including pipes, drains & sewers across residential, commercial, industrial and Strata managed properties.

We focus on restoring your plumbing to the highest standard and in an efficient manner – no flushing about. Using the latest and greatest tech, we deliver a cost-effective premium service that avoids short-term disruption and ensures long-term peace of mind.


Pesky pipes can quickly make the homeliest homes not so homely. This is why we always ensure to get your home feeling the way it should as quickly and painlessly as possible when working at residential premises.

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Business is tough enough - never mind having to battle your plumbing. We understand that time is money and make sure your business is back online with minimal downtime whenever we reline at commercial premises.

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When it comes to industrial premises, size matters and the Sydney Relining team are fully equipped with the knowledge and kit to scale up to your industrial needs and sure up your plumbing in no time.

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Why Reline?

What factors cause your pipes to break?

Old pipes break. They can are made from clay, terracotta or plastic. Time, tree roots and pressure break them, and no amount of electric-eeling or cleaning will unbreak them. 

Common causes of pipe damage include:

  • Tree roots
  • Shifting soil
  • Build-up of debris
  • Poor installation
  • Corrosion and pressure

Eventually, you’ll need to dig up your lawn, driveway or house to replace the damaged pipes – or reline.

Relining typically costs 50% less than a conventional dig and replace operation, takes less time and causes much, much less disruption.

How does it work?

Think of relining as feeding an inner-tube into the current pipe, then hardening and sealing that tube until it’s stronger than any clay, terracotta or plastic pipe. 

Rather than excavating and replacing the damaged pipe, causing mess and disruption to your property (and your bank balance) – we reline from the surface.

Using the best available Watermark accredited tech and using ultra-strong, impenetrable EPOXY resin, we cause minimal fuss, often maintaining services and completing most projects within a single day.

The process

  • Investigate – Using CC.TV technology, we investigate the problems and provide you with an itemised quote for the work that needs to be done, taking the time to explain where the budget is being spent and why arming you with the information you need.
  • Prepare – We take time to prepare above and below ground to ensure we cause minimal disturbance by establishing safe work zones and diverting any plumbing systems where possible, avoiding service disruptions.
  • Reline – Only then do we cure and install our impenetrable EPOXY resin using state of the art relining techniques that allow us to accurately pinpoint the damaged section of the pipe, drain or sewer and navigate any bends or junctions.

We create and install a guaranteed 50-year solution with our superior relining products & materials coming with a life expectancy of 50 years and up.


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