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We may be plumbers, but we’re not afraid of a little cross-trade collaboration. Pipe relining is an efficient and effective technique to replace and repair electrical conduit, no matter what the circumstances.

Relining electrical conduit is nothing new

While the majority of pipe relining is associated with drains and sewers, the CIPP industry, and pipe relining specifically, has always been available for other trades and services. Due to the non-invasive nature of the technique, pipe relining has been used to repair many systems including sewer, trade waste, stormwater, downpipes, stacks, potable mains, fire hydrant mains, fuel delivery systems, and even ventilation!

Electrical conduit is no exception. In one high profile case as far back as 2011, Dynamic Drain Technologies of Virginia Beach, USA, used pipe relining techniques to repair a damaged conduit that serviced an underground visitor centre in the US Capitol Building. In a circumstance where excavation was literally impossible, their team relined 114-ft (35m) of vertical, galvanised electrical conduits, eradicating the risk of failure of the electrical system.

Why pipe reline electrical conduit?

Electrical Conduit is used to protect wiring systems from impact, moisture, and chemical vapours. Depending on the specifics of the systems contained within the conduit, exposure can result in system failures with potentially dangerous consequences.

In much the same way as drain and sewer lines, electrical conduit is vulnerable to faults. While the threat of tree roots is eradicated due to the dry environment inside the electrical conduit, joints, seams, and often offset couplings can become compromised due to rust and deterioration as well as ground movement.

Pipe Relining An early century church building in Bexley.

Unlike plumbing systems, which tend to connect to a central water system, electrical conduits can be used to connect different structures to each other, as well as external infrastructure. As a result, these conduit systems can often run underneath and (even more problematically) within the structures themselves – often increased in structural concrete.

Excavating gardens, driveways and bathrooms is rarely desirable. But excavating concrete encased conduit underneath and within existing buildings is even more expensive, disruptive, and in the case of the US Capitol Building, impossible.

Pipe relining provides a low-impact, low-disruption, and low-cost alternative to replacing and repairing existing conduits by avoiding excavation and damage entirely. And perhaps more importantly, it creates a coupling, seal, and joint-free structure that will be less vulnerable to defects and stand the test of time. This new joint-free, fully sealed lining, makes it even easier for cable to be pulled through afterward!

If you are looking for a dig-free solution to an electrical conduit dilemma, please give us a call to discuss the problem. We provide no obligation, free quotes for all pipe relining projects big or small – we’re your relining guys.

The Advantages of Pipe Relining for Efficient Pipe Repairs

Pipe relining is a modern, trenchless method for repairing damaged or leaking pipes without the need for invasive excavation. This innovative technique involves inserting a flexible, resin-coated liner into the affected pipe, which is then inflated and cured to form a new, durable pipe within the existing one. The result is a seamless and corrosion-resistant pipe that not only restores the structural integrity of your plumbing system but also improves flow efficiency. By choosing Pipe Relining, you can extend the lifespan of your pipes, prevent future damage, and minimise the risk of costly repairs down the line.

Embracing Pipe Relining as a preferred solution for pipe repairs offers several benefits, including reduced costs, minimal disruptions, and enhanced environmental sustainability. Since there’s no need for large-scale digging, Pipe Relining helps you save up to 50% in repair expenses compared to traditional methods, while also reducing the time and resources required for the job. Furthermore, the trenchless nature of Pipe Relining significantly lessens the impact on your property and the surrounding environment, preserving your garden, landscaping, and infrastructure. By opting for Pipe Relining, you’re investing in a long-lasting, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for maintaining the health of your plumbing system.

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