Key things to consider when choosing your relining product.

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to reline and don’t-dig. But now you need to decide which relining product you’d like to use – Good luck!

Often, relining installers will carry a range of products and technologies from various manufacturers. For example, at Sydney Relining we carry products from the top 3 global manufacturers approved for use in Australia – LineTEC, Rhino Linings & Brawoliner. However, as the consumer, these names and brands probably mean as much to you as the NRL ladder does to your grandmother.

So how do you decide which one is right for you? There are a few key things to consider and questions to ask when weighing up your options.

Is the installer using EPOXY resin?
EPOXY resin is the industry standard when it comes to relining. If it’s not EPOXY resin, it’s no good.

Do the materials have the necessary approval for use in Australia?
This may seem like a very basic question and an even more basic requirement, but it is well worth asking. From time to time, industry rogues have been known to offer significantly discounted prices to use unauthorised materials.

Are the materials from a notable manufacturer?
The big three in Australia are LineTEC, Rhino Linings & Brawoliner and as such, the vast majority of reputable relining companies will carry one of these brands. Therefore the more pressing question may be, which one to pick? Much like the nuances between a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, there is very little difference in these systems other than the badge and price, as all of them offer the same long terms benefits. What it often comes down to is the personal preference of the installer, which in our opinion, shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

At Sydney Relining, we’re technology agnostic and guarantee all of our installations for 20 years, regardless of what product we use.If you have any questions about materials, please feel free to pick up the phone, we love to talk tech!

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