Symptoms Checklist

If you have experienced any of the below, it may be time to consider relining:


Is there a bad smell coming from the toilet, drains or sinks in your house? Maybe you’ve tried Draino or the Electric Eel, but it returns – like the THING!


Overflow from the toilet or drains is a DEFINITE sign you pipes are in trouble. No amount of unblocking will fix this problem permanently, so if you OWN those pipes, it may be time to show them who’s boss, not just continue giving them a hose-down.


Drain flies, also known as sewer flies, are a sure-fire sign of blocked drains. Pest control may get rid of them for a bit, but the sick drains remain. The good news is the drains may just be blocked, but best to get them thoroughly checked via CCTV to be sure.

Affecting Entertaining?

If you’ve had to cancel plans at your own home, or experienced the fear that the “drains situation” will rear its gross head when you have company, let us try and provide some peace-of-mind with a free assessment of your situation.

Band-Aid “Solutions”

You can’t blame the plumber – if you keep calling them, they’ll keep coming to clear out the pipes. Problem is, they just don’t have the know-how or technology to put a bullet in this problem once and for all.

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