Pipe relining is our specialty, and we’re very good at it. We’ve relined thousands of pipes across Sydney over the last decade (predominantly under our previous name of A1ADT), but we’re not one-trick ponies.


We have a range of services to offer as part of a wider package, and we’re accustomed to tailoring solutions to suit our client’s specific needs and requirements.


Relining is always the preferred option when up against a traditional dig and replace alternative, but the timing may not always be right, so please get in touch to discuss any of the services below and how we can help you fix your pesky pipes once and for all.

Using the latest in non-invasive technologies we can replace broken old pipes with brand new ones, all without disrupting the ground, your home and your lives!


We isolate the problem, deploy the solution and guarantee the work, all with minimum fuss and expense, without impacting your services, living and entertainment areas.


Our service is perfect for an property, from heritage-listed buildings to inner city developments – Any scale job, anywhere across Sydney.


To find out more about our process and the how, what and why of pipe relining, please check out our education page.

Whilst relining is our specialty, it’s not where we started.


In addition to our high-tech relining capabilities, we’re also highly experienced in implementing solutions where relining may not be your best option, having being involved in general and specialist plumbing services in Sydney for over 30 years.


Maybe the pipes aren’t broken, perhaps the blockage is being caused by something internally or maybe you just can’t afford relining at the present time.


If this is you, let’s talk about getting the drains cleaned, then discuss a plan of attack for relining in the future or in a manageable, phased approach.

Our top of the line CC.TV imaging equipment and experience makes diagnosing, isolating and addressing problem pipes a breeze, all without demolishing kitchen floors or digging up backyards.


Whilst CC.TV surveys are typically included within our relining service, we’re happy to help get to the root of the problem for a reduced one off fee, before engaging us or another provider to complete the work – whether that be relining or something else.


You can’t fix the problem until you know what it is!


Here is a behind the scenes look at some of our CC.TV footage;


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