Pipe Relining Services

For the most part, relining is relining – regardless of the property type. However, understanding the nuances of each is essential to ensure that we deliver a high level of service at all times. This is why we like to break down our services by property type to ensure we put your needs first.

Residential Pipe Relining

From kitty rescue missions to mega-mansions – we’ve seen it all

Our residential service spans across all property types, whether a harbourside family home to an inner-city sanctuary, we apply the same formula to each project to ensure that our work is completed to the highest standard whilst minimising disruption. Sydney Relining always:

  • Employ the right techniques and materials for each project on a case-by-case basis
  • Reduce disruptions wherever possible
  • Work efficiently to complete work quickly

With our industry-leading technology, we’re invariably able to find a way and get your property’s plumbing back in working order in no time, every time.

Commercial Pipe Relining

Bakeries, offices & universities – we keep Sydney’s businesses running

We understand the impact that pausing or limiting your business operations can have on your business’s ability to generate revenue and how frustrating it can be to sit and watch helplessly whilst your plumbing holds you ransom. We do everything in our power to keep your business running and complete the project quickly by: 

  1. Keeping your water running – Diverting existing systems to keep your water running and your business operational.
  2. Keeping out of your hair – Ensuring we work quickly and quietly to limit disruption.

Due to the nature of commercial premises, the technical aspect of relining needs careful consideration to ensure the work is completed effectively. Our 20+ years of experience relining commercial premises across Sydney ensures we employ the relining technique and tech-first time, every time. 

Industrial Pipe Relining

An industrious mindset for industrial-scale projects

Industrial relining projects are often simple to solve but can be challenging to manage effectively due to size and scale. 

Our industrious mindset to industrial relining ensures that we account for the scale of the project and factor in all possible repercussions to avoid unnecessary disruptions and get the job completed in good time. 

With unprecedented access to relining tech and materials, we’re set up to handle the larger projects many would shy away from, confident that our team and our tech can get the job done – whatever the weather. 

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Our Other Case Studies

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Pipe relining and repairing multiple faults in on comprehensive project


The cost-effective solution avoided disruption, removing long-standing faults and preventing future issues.

Maintaining Sydney's aging strata buildings with pipe relining

Strata Building

The Sydney Relining team utilized leading-edge tech and innovative relining methods to efficiently reline 120m of vertical sewer stacks at this landmark high-rise in the city’s east.

Providing specialist pipe relining for AW Edwards Plumbing

Work with Plumbers

For over 15 years, Sydney Relining has worked with AW Edwards plumbing, providing specialist pipe relining services to enhance their offering and add value for their customers.

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