Planning key at this Sydney University reline

Working in public spaces with high foot traffic presents logistical challenges for all tradesmen and this is no different for us reliners. This case study from a Sydney University in November 2020 is a perfect example of how 25+ years of experience, creative thinking and careful planning can avoid disruption and closure of commercial properties.

This relining project, located at a prestigious college at the University of Sydney, was particularly challenging from both a technical and logistical perspective. A collapsing sewer drain was causing a number of recurring issues for the facilities manager and a quick and effective solution was required. Running below various buildings and infrastructure, access to the sewer pipeline wasn’t straight forward and excavation impossible, meaning relining was not only the preferred but the only option.

Due to the age and layout of the building, the team had to carefully plan how the relining materials were prepped and moved around, ensuring that they were safely moved through the interior of the building whilst allowing students to move freely through the premises as classes were in full swing. A strategy was carefully planned and executed to ensure that minimal disruption occurred in busy periods.

The relining was completed in record time to the delight of the facilities manager.

sydney relining anaconda

At the same venue, a blocked stormwater pipe running beneath a busy carpark was causing significant disruption on campus. Other providers had been trying to remove a knotted mess of three roots for days with no success. Fortunately, the Sydney Relining team had the skills and equipment to remove the record-breaking blockage that we’re affectionately referring to as The Academic Anaconda.

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