FAQ: If the diameter of a pipe decreases with relining, does this effect the flow?

Let’s talk about pipe flow.

When relining any pipe, drain, or sewer, the diameter naturally decreases due to the new robust epoxy resin that is installed on the interior of the existing, damaged pipe

Logic suggests therefore that the capacity of the pipe or flow would in turn decrease, right? Not quite.

This is a question we’re often asked by customers and many are surprised to learn that independent studies have shown relining actually increases the flow of a pipe. This is due to its new smooth internal lining, that in contrast to old clay pipes, prevents calcification and deposits building up. 

lets talk about flow

Whilst diameter can be restrictive in some instances, pipe flow is primarily determined by friction. Therefore relining actually increases the flow whilst decreasing the likelihood of future blockages. Provides a stronger, more robust interior system, but a more efficient one.

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