June Relined

July signifies the end to another (financial) year on the tools for Sydney Relining, and it has certainly been a huge year. From relining under pools in Drummoyne to stormwater pipe relining at a university, we’ve seen it all!

Heavy investment in our team and equipment has enabled us to grow steadily across commercial, industrial and residential markets, enabling us to take on larger projects, more frequently and in unison. 

sydney relining team
Ben, Tekin, Dane & Andre

Whilst maintaining our policy of only using the best quality relining productions on the market, we are now able to reline any pipe, whether sewer, drain or otherwise as we now offer all available relining methods. 

Our increased capabilities and efficiency has already been of huge value to our customers and enables us to continue to provide a premium service at an affordable price.

Throughout the month of July, we’ve again managed to reline over 150m of drainage, keeping the team on their toes by using air, steam and water, Inversion, pull-in-place, sectional patches and junction patch methods.

Job of the month

Our most notable project was at a University, where we relined a 30m stormwater pipe which required some innovative thinking and significant manpower.  

Wastewater was escaping the damaged pipe, flooding sub-floor basement levels which contained expensive equipment and sensitive information. 

Using primarily hot water we relined the majority of the pipe milling out the connections, then using the pull -in-place to reline the branch lines leading to the downpipes.

With outstanding efficiency, we averted the immediate flood risk and restored the damaged drain ensuring enrolling it for the long haul.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what these next 12 months bring and we hope you are too.

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