February Relined

February was a funny old month for Australia and its people. Yet midst bushfires, floods and now COVID-19, the tenacious Aussie spirit will continue to bring people together. The world keeps turning, pipes keep breaking and we, keep relining!

Our teams were spread across greater Sydney from Belmore to Macquarie Uni, completing a variety of commercial and residential project,s totalling over 100m of pipe relined including junctions and patches. As always, we the team approached each project individually, utilising several methods to cure liners including air, steam and water, using inversion techniques. 

In Belrose, the team defied the odds, inverting a 20m section of pipe that passed beneath a driveway, garage & house. While at Macquarie Uni, an entire building was offline just in time for the start of the term due to some ongoing issues with their plumbing, which we swiftly repaired allowing students and staff to get back online. 

Job of the month. 

Februarys most notable project was the Rosemore Aged Care Facility in Belmore. With the health and wellbeing of the residents of paramount importance, the administrators required a solution that would keep the facility up and running while causing as little disruption as possible – Our team were willing and able!

A blocked sewer stack had shut down a number of the upstairs bathrooms, the base of which had collapsed entirely, disrupting the elderly residents and staff.

Using a variety of techniques, the team relined from the base of the toilet connection to the outside of the building. Having discontinued the branch line leading to the stack, it was re-diverted safely outside in PVC pipe so that the system could run correctly.

This project was completed within a 24hr period, causing minimal disruption for the staff and more importantly, residents. 

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