We’ve had a relationship with Ranelagh for over 15 years now. At first, they asked us to reline their nine-inch boundary trap. Since that time, we have relined most of their subsoil exterior drainage. Over time, the building realised that they were actually starting to develop issues with the cast iron stack drainage. Cast iron is now defunct material, and it actually rust from the inside out.

Some of the symptoms that the residents were experiencing in relation to the dilapidated cast iron network were smells, leaks, blockages, and in the most extreme case, flooding. It would have been best if we could actually move the residents out of the building. Because that was logistically impossible, we had to break down the project into individual length reline shots. We brought on our friends from Time to Reline, which enabled us to have two inversion teams and two junction robot teams doing two shots per day and also cutting out all the junctions as necessary. We were able to reline over a kilometre of drainage, do 800 cuts, and remove one and a half tonnes of metallic silt within a six-week time period.

“We’ve had a relationship with Ranelagh for over 15 years now”

If you’re a manager of a building that was built in the ’60s and ’70s, you will have cast iron sewer drainage. Sooner or later, this will leak, break, and cause major issues for the building. Now is the time to have a look at it and see if we can provide you a solution.

Our reputation supersedes any issues that the residence or building itself might actually have. No problem is too big or small. I’m extremely proud of this project. It’s the biggest residential project of its kind in Australia and possibly the world. It’s been a great opportunity not to showcase to the industry what our skills and capabilities are, but also to other building managers and committees alike in Sydney that are experiencing the same issues with cast iron pipe work.

The Advantages of Pipe Relining for Efficient Pipe Repairs

Pipe relining is a modern, trenchless method for repairing damaged or leaking pipes without the need for invasive excavation. This innovative technique involves inserting a flexible, resin-coated liner into the affected pipe, which is then inflated and cured to form a new, durable pipe within the existing one. The result is a seamless and corrosion-resistant pipe that not only restores the structural integrity of your plumbing system but also improves flow efficiency. By choosing Pipe Relining, you can extend the lifespan of your pipes, prevent future damage, and minimise the risk of costly repairs down the line.

Embracing Pipe Relining as a preferred solution for pipe repairs offers several benefits, including reduced costs, minimal disruptions, and enhanced environmental sustainability. Since there’s no need for large-scale digging, Pipe Relining helps you save up to 50% in repair expenses compared to traditional methods, while also reducing the time and resources required for the job. Furthermore, the trenchless nature of Pipe Relining significantly lessens the impact on your property and the surrounding environment, preserving your garden, landscaping, and infrastructure. By opting for Pipe Relining, you’re investing in a long-lasting, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for maintaining the health of your plumbing system.

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