We understand that pipe relining can be a bit of an unknown quantity for your average Joe. With that in mind, we’ve detailed some FAQ’s and responses below to help answer any immediate questions you may have.
If you need more information or you’re just curious, you can also check out our education and services pages or give us a call anytime.

Yes! We have the most up-to-date technologies and systems from around the world to ensure we can negotiate around any problem your pipes may have. This includes multiple bends, junctions and is irrespective of access. We can pretty much reline anything!

Yes! Our confidence in the service and product we deliver is such that we’re happy to provide our customers with a 20 year guarantee on our installation, with our versatile products coming with a life expectancy and guarantee of 50 years. This is dependant on the job in question, but we’re happy to discuss this with you!

The time a job takes relates directly to the length of pipe that we are relining. A small section of pipe and can take a couple of hours whilst relining the whole system of a residential house can take up to a week, it really is impossible to say without knowing the scope of the project. That said, there is absolutely no need to move out or anything of the sort, as there are only water restrictions during work hours and we try and make ourselves as invisible as possible.

Two reasons: Time & Money!


Pipe relining has been around for over 40 years (believe it or not) and is a proven method to renew your drains, causing less disruption over less time and ultimately delivering a better more durable product, at half the cost.


Excavations are painstaking processes that require heavy labour, which does not come cheap and takes an age. In addition, they can often cause structural disturbance to the surrounding area, requiring further work to be completed down the track – and guess who’s paying for that?


Our process will not only save you money both now and over the long term, but will more often than not take less time and cause less stress than excavating.


Our non-evasive relining methods provide little to no disruption to the surrounding environment.

Once cured, the resins we use are completely harmless to the surrounding soils and environment.

Noise is generally limited to the first hour of the job whilst using the high pressure water jetter to thoroughly clean the pipes before relining. After this, our technology is working away under the surface to reline the damaged section, which causes very little noise.

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