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Old pipes break.

They can be made from clay, terracotta or plastic. Time, tree roots and pressure break them and No amount of electric-eeling or cleaning will unbreak them. Eventually, you’ll need to reline, and the sooner you do it, the easier it’ll be. Not to mention, relining typically costs 50% less than a conventional dig and replace operation!

We create and install a guaranteed 20-year solution, with our superior relining products & materials having a life expectancy of 50 years and up. If your inner-nerd wants space-age explanatory videos and technological explanations on how relining works, check these out.

Put simply, you can think of relining as feeding an inner-tube into the current pipe, then hardening and sealing that tube until it’s stronger than any pipe. This is done without affecting your garden or property, with minimum fuss, and while maintaining services.

Sydney Relining (formerly A1 Advanced Drainage Technologies) has been looking after Sydney’s pipes for over a decade. We are specialists in the relining industry, with access to the best technology and people from around the world.

We don’t have a minimum-sized job. We specialise in all reline jobs, whether you;

  • Own a residential property,
  • Manage a property (large, small, heritage or other),
  • Are a plumber who recognises the need for extra muscle,

We’re your relining guys.


Relining is our specialty. We isolate the problem, deploy the solution and guarantee the work.

Let’s talk about getting your drains cleaned before we discuss a plan of attack for relining in the future.

Our CC.TV capabilities and equipment make diagnosing, isolating and addressing problem pipes a breeze.


How we deliver quality relining solutions, without digging up your backyard.


What causes your pipes to deteriorate and require relining?


Why is relining preferred to traditional dig and replace solutions?


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